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Who Is Deco Lo?

Deco is an intuitive empath who specializes in Tarot. While her journey is relatively new, she feels she has received a gift through her study of Tarot, and loves to share that gift with those around her. There is really no topic that is off limits to Deco, but keep in mind that Tarot allows guidance, not necessarily yes or no answers.

Deco might not be able to tell you if you are going to beat some illness or disease, but can give guidance on the journey ahead. She might not be able to tell you that you will become a nurse, but might be able to tell that a profession as a helper might be something to consider.

Ask Deco for career change advice, health journeys, relationship direction, guidance on moving, and many other topics. While she loves to read cards intuitively she also specializes in Celtic Cross readings.

Burning Question Reading

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Deep Dive Advanced Reading

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